The mayor of a small Pennsylvania town chased a journalist away from a shooting scene while allowing other citizens to stay because the reporter’s newspaper failed to cover him throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker has since apologized to Beaver County Times reporter JD Prose, following that up with a string of Bible verses and proverbs.

The exchange all took place on Twitter, which shows that Walker had a local cop order Prose away.

According to the Beaver Countian:

Prose made posts to Twitter yesterday afternoon about a shooting that took place outside of 136 Third Ave in Aliquippa. “Man shot in Aliquippa. I’m heading there now” he wrote.

A short time later, Prose tweeted about an encounter he had at the scene with Mayor Walker. “Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker yelling at me to leave the shooting scene then walked up to me saying, “You tough?” […] Aliquippa cop then told me to leave b/c mayor wanted me to as if that matters. Talked to officer in charge briefly and left.”

Former independent candidate for Commissioner Jack Manning asked Prose about the incident, tweeting “WTH is that all about?” Prose replied “Apparently, Dwan is unhappy w/our coverage of Aliquippa. He was ranting about us ignoring positive events.”

Mayor Dwan Walker also responded to Manning on Twitter, writing he was upset the Beaver County Times failed to provide coverage of him throwing the first pitch at a Pirates game.

Meanwhile, the men responsible for the shooting are still at large.

UPDATE: Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker contacted me through Twitter denying the allegations that he chased away a reporter because the newspaper failed to report that he threw out the first pitch in a baseball game.


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