Anaheim police killed two men, shot multiple rounds of rubber bullets and unleashed a dog on a mother and child as tensions surpassed a boiling point over the weekend.

Naturally, they are doing their best to prevent footage of their actions from making the internet, including offering to buy footage from citizens who recorded them terrorizing a crowd of protesters Saturday to shining their flashlights into the cameras of citizens moments after they shot and killed a handcuffed man Sunday.

Hundreds of citizens are expected to join an already growing group of protesters who have been gathering outside the Anaheim Police Department for weekly protests against police abuse for more than two years.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Anaheim borders Fullerton in Orange County, California, the city where police  brutally murdered Kelly Thomas last year.

The first man they shot and killed this weekend was Manuel Diaz, an unarmed man whose only crime was running away from police when they approached him and a couple of friends standing by a car Saturday afternoon.

The above video was recorded moments after he was shot and citizens can be heard saying, “He’s still alive.”

That prompted officers to order the citizens back as Diaz lay on the grass dying a slow death with no sign of a paramedic for more than three minutes.

The second man they shot and killed was Joel Acevedo, a suspected car thief who police say fired at them first. Although they say they recovered a gun, at least one witness speculated the gun was planted.

It wouldn’t be surprising considering they wouldn’t allow anybody to record.

According to the Orange County Weekly:

Witnesses have told the source the man was handcuffed, then shot by police. No one is being allowed to take photos, according to the source. When a group tried to take photos from an upstairs apartment, police shined a bright light onto the residents to block the view.

Diaz, pictured in the first photo, and Acevedo, pictured in the second photo, are the latest in a long list of young Hispanic men to be killed by Anaheim Police in the last two years.



After Diaz was shot Saturday, police fired multiple rounds of rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters, then unleashed a dog on a woman and her child. Police say the dog broke free by accident.

Police also say they started shooting rubber bullets after the protesters began throwing bottles but citizens say there were only a few plastic bottles being tossed.

Watch the melee in the video below.

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