Minneapolis police singled out a man during a protest earlier this month because he was video recording them.

David Cummer was handcuffed and cited for blocking traffic, even though the video clearly shows at least two police vehicles planted in the middle of the street, making it impossible for traffic to drive through anyway.

It also shows about 100 other protesters in the street.

The cop making the arrest is apparently David Queen, who was nominated by a fellow cop for “Precinct Officer of the Month” for having “positive and professional contacts with community members,” which we can see now is a complete fabrication.

According to City Pages:

On May 11, 56-year-old Minneapolis resident David Cummer was calmly using his iPhone to film police during the 1% Against Democracy rally in downtown Minneapolis when a group of officers approached him and suddenly placed him under arrest.

“You decide to leave, if not, you’re going to be arrested,” one officer tells him. “Are you going to leave?” the officer asks. Moments later, the officer directs Cummer to place his “hands behind your back” and handcuffs him.

The footage also reveals that police gave Cummer an unduly hard time about his proof of identification. Cummer presented police with a passport, but officers gave him grief for not having a Minnesota ID.

“There better be something else besides that!” an officer says, referring to the passport. “You got no ID, you’ll go to jail.”

This was the second time in less than two months Minneapolis police had issues with citizens recording them.

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