Minneapolis police blatantly assaulted a videographer Saturday during a protest in which Occupy protesters were trying to reestablish their encampment in the city’s downtown.

Police began making arrests on charges of blocking the street when a man with a large camera began capturing it on video.

A cop walks up to him and shoves the camera hard, then walks away to continue making arrests.

The short video doesn’t show many details but from what we see, it was not a justifiable use of force.

Josh Stearns, who has been documenting arrests of journalists since the Occupy movement began last fall, said the cops also arrested a citizen journalist.

But no names are available at this time.

According to Occupy Minneapolis, the cop damaged the camera in the above incident and confiscated other cameras.

Minneapolis police severely damaged at least one video camera — other cameras are being held right now.

Updated: The videographer who was assaulted is Chad Nelson from KSTP-TV, according to the Pioneer Press.

Nelson’s camera was shoved to the ground by an Minneapolis police officer on Nicollet Mall after 10 p.m., said KSTP news director Lindsay Radford. The camera, with an estimated value of $13,000 to $15,000, was damaged in the incident, and Nelson went to the doctor Sunday with signs of whiplash, Radford said.

“He was being professional and doing his job,” Radford said.

Radford said Nelson was “frustrated” because he had received no verbal warning from officers before the incident. “He was there to document,” Radford said. “It was pretty surprising.”

Minneapolis police Sgt. Stephen McCarty confirmed the incident and said a cameraman approached a commander at the scene, saying he was assaulted by an officer. McCarty said the cameraman did not receive treatment at the scene, and the department will wait to see if a complaint is filed.

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