A New York City police officer repeatedly struck the lens of a photographer during a protest against Bank of America last week, claiming he was defending his “personal space.”

The photographer, whom Gothamist believes to be Andrew Gombert, responds by calling the cop an “asshole.”

Fortunately, there were a multitude of other cameras around, ensuring the cop did not escalate the altercation.

Instead, his fellow officers whisked the confrontational cop into their own personal space behind police lines.

The incident, which begins at the 2:30 mark and took place on February 29 as Occupy protesters attempted to set up a food bank outside a Bank of America branch in Manhattan, is the latest altercation between NYPD officers and credentialed photographers since the protests began last fall.

Not that credentials should even make a difference while photographing a protest in public.

One officer was supposedly disciplined for purposely blocking the shot of a New York Times photographer in November, not much different than what Miami-Dade police officers did the night of my recent arrest.

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