A Miami television news reporter and a videographer were assaulted outside a recycling plant Tuesday as they were attempting to shoot video from a public sidewalk.

The entire incident was caught on video, but for some reason, Local 10 News is not airing the footage until 11 p.m. tonight, more than three days later.

But they did post a slideshow of images with captions from the incident on their website, giving us a play-by-play account of what took place.


Reporter Bob Norman and videographer Mario Alonso arrived at the Sun Recycling plant in Pompano Beach to work on a story.

Norman is an investigative reporter who spent 14 muckraking years at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times, so you know the story wasn’t going to be very flattering for the recycling company.

And especially considering the foreman came charging at them as they were conducting their shoot, telling them they had no right to “take pictures” of the plant.

The foreman shoved the camera aside, which prompted Norman to push him back.


Then Norman and the foreman engaged in some pushing and shoving with the foreman ending up with Norman’s microphone in his hand.

The foreman then walks back inside the plant with the microphone in his hand, then dials 911.

A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy arrives, takes statements, watches the video, then asks Norman if he would like to press charges against the foreman.

Norman declined, which prompted the foreman to walk up to him, extend his hand and offer his apologies.

I guess we’ll have to wait until tonight to learn the full details. I will update this post with the video if they ever decide to post it on their website.


Norman skirted trespassing charges last month when he stepped on the private property of a horse farm for a story.

The images here are from Miami blogger Random Pixels, who improved the quality of the images before posting.


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