It took five months to create the video titled the Citizen Journalist Supersuit and it does have some good points about documenting protests, especially the segment on how to create a homemade remedy to cleanse tear gas from your eyes (Maalox and water in a bottle).

But Rebecca Berdel completely lost all credibility with her final point when she talks about how to save your camera footage from getting deleted by police in case you get arrested.

Her recommendation is that you tape the camera inside a helmet or a shoe along with your contact information and toss it into the crowd in the hopes that it will somehow get back to you.

First of all, if your camera is already taped inside the shoe or helmet, there is no way you could be using it to actually do any documentation.

Second of all, if you are actually using the camera – even as a secondary device taped to the top of your helmet as she suggests (not a bad suggestion at all) – you are not going to have the time to remove it from the top of the helmet and place it inside the helmet, then secure it with tape and toss it into the crowd in the event of an arrest.

You’ll be lucky if you’re able to get one last frame in before an arrest.

She would have better served her viewers by discussing the benefits of live streaming.

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