For more than a week, Miami Herald reporter Paradise Afshar worked on the story about my arrest covering the Occupy Miami eviction.

Yet she still failed to provide the answers to some very basic questions, specifically the outcome of my previous arrests.

It’s not like I didn’t tell her the outcome of those arrests.

I went into great detail, explaining how I was acquitted of all charges except resisting arrest after my 2007 arrest, then had that conviction overturned after I appealed it pro se.

I explained to her that the state attorney’s office then dismissed the charge instead of refiling the charge.

I also explained that I was acquitted in my 2009 arrest when the cop failed to show up to court on two occasions. I also told her that even though I was initially charged with disorder intoxication, the state attorney’s office switched it to resisting arrest because they had no evidence that I was drunk.

Despite all this, Afshar wrote “the outcome of all these cases is unknown.”

She also mentioned a 1989 arrest when I was jailed for disturbing the peace on the Fourth of July. I was drunk. I was wild. I was 20 years old. I think I paid a fine.

I don’t have an issue with her mentioning that arrest, even though it is ancient history. It is public record, after all. But so are the outcomes of all those arrests.

While she didn’t make a great effort to inform her readers of the outcome of those arrests, she did obtain video shot by Miami-Dade police that show me questioning police who are telling me I can’t stand on a public sidewalk.

And she also obtained the video shot by police during my arrest, which shows I was not resisting, even though I was charged with resisting arrest.

The article has also drawn a fair share of commenters stating I deserved to be arrested.

I’ve been getting several calls and messages from friends saying Afshar was biased in her reporting.

What do you think?

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