As I prepare my legal battle against the Miami-Dade Police Department for falsely arresting me and for deleting my footage, I am seeking new ways to raise money for my legal defense fund.

I recently entered into a business venture with Keith Robertson, a Vancouver man who runs Zap Rag, a company that sells lens cloths and laminated cards with photo laws printed on them.

The items are designed to be used by photographers when they get harassed by cops or security guards for shooting in public.

I will begin placing a link to Zap Rag on the tag line of my articles. If you purchase the lens cloth or the card or both, Keith will send me a portion of the sale to my legal defense fund.

All you have to do is place the term “carlos3” in the section of the Paypal transaction that states, “Add special instructions to the seller.”



I will also begin giving some of these items away on Twitter, Facebook and Google + through some type of contest.

If you want to make a straight-up donation to my legal defense fund, please submit what you can through my Paypal account by clicking on the donate button in the tagline below.

I first have to get past my criminal case, which should be a breeze compared to my first two arrests because of the recovered video.

But we plan to depose as many cops who witnessed my arrest that the judge allows in order to get to the bottom of who deleted the footage.

Then once I get past that case, I plan to file a civil suit against the police department for violating my Fourth Amendment rights in destroying my property as well as destroying evidence to the crime for which I was accused.

Unfortunately, this is a trend that is happening all too often in this country. In fact, the Miami Beach police officers who arrested me in 2009 did the same thing to my still photos, which I recovered.

But video evidence is much more damning than photo evidence Especially since police deleted an entire five-minute clip with more than three minutes leading up to my arrest.

I will maintain a link to Zap Rag  as well as the donate button in my tagline in all future articles.

Please send stories, tips and videos to

Also, if you would like to contribute to my Legal Defense Fund, please buy a photographer rights lens cloth and/or laminated card to wear around your neck like a press badge through Zap Rag. Please write “carlos3” in the comments section of the Paypal transaction to ensure I receive a portion of the sale.

Or you can just donate to my Legal Defense Fund by clicking on the button below.