Four days after I was arrested covering the Occupy Miami eviction, another photojournalist was arrested covering the Occupy DC eviction.

I didn’t have a chance to write about him back then as I was too busy trying to retrieve the video footage police deleted from me, but I didn’t want to let it fall through the cracks either.

Unlike me, who bonded out of jail the following morning, Jerry Nelson spent 48 hours in jail.

And unlike me, who spent a couple of hours in handcuffs and was given food and water (I always give those nasty sandwiches away), he was kept handcuffed the entire time with no food and water.

And unlike me, he was released without being charged.

Me, I still have to fight the resisting police charge, which I have no doubt I will beat. Especially now that I’ve recovered the video.

But the one thing our arrests have in common is we were both detained without actually committing a crime.

This is how he explained it in a Huffington Post article:

There was so much activity going on, it was difficult to find something to focus on. Cops in full riot gear, waste handlers in yellow “hazmat” suits, protestors shouting, mounted police roaming through the park — just action everywhere I looked.

I was standing alone watching the activity when about five park police surrounded me and told me they wanted to speak with me. When I asked what this was about one of them took the cigarette from my mouth while another slipped the plasti-cuffs over my wrists and pulled them so tight I could feel the skin tear beneath them.

Surrounded by more cops in riot gear I was led to a white processing tent that had set up in the square earlier that morning. The cops emptied my pockets, removed my belt and shoelaces and went through my [camera] gear bag.

About six cops in riot gear were in the tent with me and one was busy writing. He looked at another officer and asked him, “What are we going to charge him with?” The second officer thought a second and said, “Assault. Let’s get him on assault.”

But also like me, who has been documenting the Occupy Miami movement from the very beginning, Nelson has been doing the same at Occupy DC.

So far, 64 journalists have been arrested in 12 cities covering the Occupy movement with me and Nelson coming in 63 and 64, according to reporter Josh Stearns who has been compiling a list.

UPDATE: Here is a video of Nelson’s arrest, showing the cops asaulting a bystander who looks as if he was trying to hand them Nelson’s keys. Cops come off very thuggish here.


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