A man who went into diabetic shock while he was driving ended up getting pulled out of the car at gunpoint by police officers who then proceeded to beat and kick him while yelling “stop resisting, motherfucker.”

Adam Greene was barely moving, much less resisting.

The incident, which took place in Nevada last year, was caught on a police dash cam, but the video is only coming to light now after Greene accepted a $292,500 settlement from Henderson police and the state of Nevada.

It wasn’t until more than two minutes into the video that they found an insulin syringe on him and realized he was diabetic and called an ambulance.

Then they brushed themselves off and asked each other if they were ok.

According to the Washington Post:

Neither the police department nor the Highway Patrol admitted wrongdoing as part of the settlement, Moody said. The lawsuit was filed last September in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas

A sergeant involved in the incident was disciplined, and police training and use-of-force policies were modified following an internal investigation, Police Chief Jutta Chambers said in a statement. Police did not identify the officer or specify his punishment.

In other words, the cops were most likely told to be more careful whom they beat up on camera.