I really didn’t want to make an issue about this but now I have no choice.

A guy who runs a site called Photography Isn’t a Crime doesn’t do much reporting of actual incidents but he is sure to remind people who stumble on his site that he is in dire need of donations.

His name is Allen Rockwell and he has written a total of seven blog posts since August 7, 2011 when he apparently launched the site.

I’ve written 270 blog posts since that date.

The problem is when you Google “Photography is Not a Crime,” his site pops up on the front page.

His site also pops up on the front page when you Google “Carlos Miller,” even though I am nowhere mentioned on the site, which tells me he is using my name for search engine optimization.

Because of that, when journalists mention me in an article, they often use his site instead of mine.

This happened today in this article in The Blaze in which I’ve since contacted the writer to correct, which she said she would.

It also happened last month in Reason where the writer appeared to want to link to my blog, but linked to his site instead in the fourth paragraph.

It’s happened a few times in the past as well, which is how I first came across his site.

The first thing you see when you click on his site is the following:

This site is meant to educate everyone about the rights and responsibilites of photographers

We hope to cut through the misinformation, confusion, hysteria and fear that surround the issue of photography in these times when many people are quick to limit freedoms and artistic expression in the name of secuity, privacy and protection of individuals and structures.

“In a post 9/11 age of paranoia and suspicion, public photography is increasingly seen as threatening, or mistaken as criminal…Amateur photographers are the documentarians of real life. We capture our world to help us understand it. We are not a threat. ” – JPG Magazine

Notice to my users

The monthly hosting costs and annual domain costs have been coming out of my own pocket to keep this site online. I really think that sites like this are important to all photographers and I really want to keep this site alive. Therefore I am asking for donations to keep this site up and running. You can donate any amount for a few pennies to a few dollars … the choice is totally yours and it’s totally optional. If you feel that sites like this need to exist on the internet, please support it. Thanks a lot.

He hasn’t done much educating but he’s done plenty of soliciting.

Part of the problem is that even though I’ve called this blog Photography is Not a Crime since I launched in April 2007, I did not acquire the domain until this year, so it doesn’t come up often in Google searches. It just wasn’t available until this year.

The difference from my newly acquired domain and Rockwell’s domain is in the apostrophe in the word “not.”

I’ve been talking about this with my lawyers who are deciding what action, if any, to take.

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