The first Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer resorted to pulling out his own cell phone camera to record the activist who was recording him.

The second officer resorted to knocking the camera out of the activist’s hand, telling him he felt threatened.

Guess which cop ended up looking like an asshole?

The incident, which was captured by another activist camera, took place earlier today during a bridge dedication attended by Governor Mary Fallin.

The activist remained cool, picking his camera back up and continuing to record, even taunting the cop who explained that the camera was too close and could have hurt him.

But the video shows that was not the case at all.

The cop simply could not contain his temper, unlike the first cop who did not seem fazed at all by the cameras recording him.

I kind of enjoy when cops pull out their cameras to record me. It shows me they understand our rights to record them, but will not hesitate to use that same right for themselves.

Just last month, when I accompanied a group of Occupy Miami activists into Senator Marco Rubio’s office, a cop did just that.


And even after Rubio’s representatives kicked me out of the office, he defended my right to record just outside the office when a janitor told me I did not have that right.

A few years ago, an undercover University of Miami cop pulled out his camera to record me as I recorded him after a group of students conducted a sit-in protest on behalf of striking janitors.


I much rather have cops pull out their cameras against me than their Tasers, pepper spray canisters or even worse, their guns.

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