It took Todd J. Dreyer three minutes after he was confronted by three New Jersey police officers to lift his camera to their faces.

But once he did, they were on their best behavior.

Dreyer was walking along a sidewalk in South River when he was stopped by the cops who began demanding his identification because they apparently found him suspicious because of his cameras.

The cops were threatening him with arrest until he brought his camera to their faces and reminded them of the recent Glik decision.

That is when they backed off from harassing him.

This is how described it on Youtube:

Stopped for walking down the street with cameras in a High Crime Area looks like an average small town main street to me. Was threatened with Obstruction of Justice if I did not ID myself. Meet Officers #54 Pinto & #21 Monek as well as Sgt. Gartner #16 of the South River NJ police department.

He has been updating the story on his blog.

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