A Las Vegas police officer detained a man for refusing to walk away after taking a photo of a movie set that was completely visible to the public.

The man video recorded his interaction, which doesn’t show the officer’s face or name, but allows us to clearly hear him trying to justify giving the photographeran unlawful order.

The photographer whose username is 1willwanders on Youtube, held his ground, asking the officer to cite him the law that would allow him to single out a person for taking photos on a public street, ordering him to walk away while countless other people are allowed to remain because they are not taking photos.

The officer was unable to do so. The photographer was allowed to walk away after more than two minutes of debating with the cop.

This is how he described it on Youtube.

I take pictures of things that interest me on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. As I am walking west bound I see in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience a movie being shot. So as I walk up I take out my camera. A security guard tell me that pictures are not allowed and blocks my shot. So I continue west walking around the blocked off area. I attempt to take another picture and again a security officer say pictures are not allowed. I respond that I can take picture in public. Then a police office point east and say go that way. I explain that I want to go west and he again tell me to go east. So not wanting to argue with the police I enter a casino walk west in the casino around the movie shoot, come out of the casino past the site. As I walk out three police officers run at me and this is what happens.