A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy is a Youtube star after elbowing a mentally ill woman in the face while trying to remove her from a city bus Monday.

The deputy then threatened to arrest the man who recorded the incident on his iPhone.

Fortunately, Jermaine Greene refused to hand it over.

And now the deputy will probably receive a paid vacation for a few days while this blows over.

After all, the sheriff’s department is justifying his actions, according to the Los Angeles Weekly.

“We got a 911 call of a violent woman on a bus, [saying] she almost attacked an elderly man. Lakewood deputies responded. And we know this woman by the way — she has 4 previous arrests and convictions for assault on a police officer. … She’s a large woman with some mental challenges, and she became aggressive toward our deputies.”

But Greene said she simply came on the bus with a stroller filled with pillows, making no mention of an elderly man.

And the video doesn’t show any aggression from her that justified a hard elbow to her face.

Greene, who recently returned from serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, indicated that he was more skill in dealing with mentally ill civilians than the deputy.

According to NBC LA:

“In the Army, they gave us extensive training for rules of engagement. There’s proper protocols and steps you take. This lady didn’t do anything, she wasn’t combative and he actually turned combative on her,” Green said.

Green claims the deputies then tried to intimidate him when he refused to hand over his cell phone.

“He comes to me and says you can be under arrest if you don’t give me that video,” Green said.

Green said the deputy then asked if he had any warrants.

“I said no, I’m a veteran, I just came back, I have six years, I have no record, and he said ‘We’ll see about that.'”

Why didn’t Green want to hand over this video to the deputies involved?

“I think they would try to cover it up. I think a lot of things get covered up and people need to come forward if they see something, report it because it can’t be fixed unless it’s brought to the public’s attention,” Green said.