Here’s a video I should have posted two weeks ago, but it fell between the cracks.

It was shot by Photography is Not a Crime commenter HONORYOUROATH, so many of you have seen it already.

He posted it on my Facebook wall January 13 and I even commented that I would take a look at it, but I never got around to checking it out. Until today when I was looking for something else on Facebook.

But it’s a brilliant video highlighting just how to handle cops when they try to intimidate you from recording them in public.

Basically, a Clay County (Fl.) deputy spots him video recording them conducting a traffic stop from across the street, so the deputy crosses the street and demands his identification, which he refuses to hand over.

Then the second deputy comes over and tells the first deputy, “He wasn’t interfering with anything, so I’m not sweating it.”

Of course, there is a lot of interesting interaction in between. It’s a must-watch video.

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