A video posted on Youtube shows a pair of Baltimore police officers struggling with a suspect before another man walks up and punches one of the officers in the face, prompting the two officers to turn their attention to him, apparently allowing the first man to go free.

One of is the officers is on his back with the second suspect on top of him when a third cop runs up and kicks him in the face, which allows them to eventually handcuff and detain him.

There is not much more information on the incident, according to The Baltimore Sun, which still hasn’t determined when the incident took place. The video was uploaded to Youtube early this morning.

Even though it is not clear what took place before the video started rolling, it is clear that the second man committed an obvious felony, which demonstrates the importance of citizens being allowed to freely record police as long as they are not interfering.

It also shows that even though they were struggling with the first suspect, they were not being overly abusive (although I’m sure some will disagree).

In fact, I will even go as far as saying the kick to the face was justifiable considering the man not only had attacked a cop, but was on top of the cop he had attacked with his hands free.

We’ve all seen videos where cops just go nuts on suspects after they’ve detained them and that was not the case here.

What I do find interesting is some of the comments left on Youtube which are attacking the videographer. If anything, police and citizens should be grateful for him because it allows us to see exactly what took place.

Here is a sample:

uncalled for especially the one who is_ recording it

soundwave4prez 2 hours ago 6

The one filming is a fucking asshole and should have been shot. Wow this is why crime is so bad there and let me guess when you get arrested you pull the_ race card and say it is cause your black nothing to do with the fact that you act like shit, look like shit, which means your are shit. And for the one who hit the officer I hope you get yours and someone fucking kills your ass.

joegil1980209 1 hour ago

i will agree the kick was uncalled for thats what they have tazzers for.and they are trained not to use force other then what they are trained for.its the idiots who video tape an arrest taking place when a suspect isnt being co-operative they police use force and then automaitcally get blamed.bravo baltimore city.once again showing composure and seeing that people have nothing better to do with there lives.i will also agree that there_ are police officers out there that dont deserve having badge

edaddy1186 25 minutes ago


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