A video has emerged proving that LAPD officers lied when they claimed they arrested a reporter for being drunk and belligerent.

The incident took place November 30 as more than 1,000 police officers clad in riot gear cleared out the Occupy Los Angeles encampment in front of city hall.

Calvin Milam, a reporter for City News Service, was among a large group of citizens who were being detained by a line of Los Angeles police officers.

Milam apparently knew he was being detained under unlawful orders, so he decided he wanted to walk away.

At first, he tried to show his press credentials, hoping to show the officers that he was there covering the protest instead of participating in it.

But the officers didn’t seem to care, so he attempted to walk through the line, which prompted several of them to pounce on him and take him down.

The night of his arrest, LAPD told the L.A. Weekly that Milam was drunk and belligerent and did not appear to be working in the capacity as a journalist – even though the video clearly shows a notepad sticking out of his back pocket as well as him showing the officers his credentials.

The arrest begins at the 3:22 mark in the above video.

The L.A. Weekly has since updated its original story.

Alex Mannone shot the video of Milam’s arrest and posted it to The Occupied Venice Journal last week.

Milam told The City Maven that he hasn’t had a drink in 20 years.

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