It’s always refreshing to see young people stand up for their rights when told they are not allowed to take pictures in public.

Here in the United States, we have Jerome Vorus, who has stood up several times when harassed and even has a pending lawsuit against the Washington D.C. police over an incident in which he was detained.

In the United Kingdom, there is Jules Mattsson, who was a 15-year-old student when he was harassed, threatened and detained for photographing a military parade in London last year.

Police said the act of photographing the soldiers was “silly,” “gay” and “stupid.”

They also said he was a possible threat under the UK’s Terrorism Act.

And even though the parade was marching down a public street in broad daylight, they said it was illegal.

They eventually dragged him away, pushing him down a set of stairs, detaining him until the parade had passed.

Mattsson had enough sense to audio record the entire exchange. Fortunately, they do not have crazy wiretapping laws in the UK.

You can hear the audio and see his photos in the above video.

Earlier this week, London Metropolitan Police paid Mattsson an undisclosed settlement as well as given him an apology for the incident.

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