An orthodox Jew attempted to get out of a speeding ticket by accusing the New Jersey state trooper who pulled him over of using anti-Semitic slurs against him.

Elliot Dear, who is also an attorney in Queens, claimed the trooper called him a “Jew kike” when he pulled him over in 2007.

But unknowing to Dear, the officer was wearing a recorder on his uniform, which proved he never did insult him during the traffic stop.

The traffic stop was also recorded by the trooper’s dash cam.

As a result, the New York state disciplinary committee suspended Dear for six months, according to a report released Friday.

The New York Post said the trooper had pulled him over for driving 84 in a 55 mph zone.

Dear then made his accusations in a letter to the traffic court, which forwarded his letter to the police department’s internal affairs department.

Internal affairs officers contacted Dear, who repeated his initial claims.

Dear, who was accepted into the bar in 2005, wrote the following in his letter to the traffic court.

“Ladies and Gentlemen:

This ticket shall be dismissed immediately since –

a. there was no speeding and the officer refused to show me evidence that there was: (i.e. – “not guilty”)

b. even if there was speeding (which there wasn’t) – I was in a 65-mph zone NOT a 55 mph zone; and

c. The officer called me a “jew kike” – and this prejudice obviously was the cause for the ticket.

I am a licensed attorney in NY State and will be representing myself in this matter (contact details enclosed).

Eliot Dear