Security guards in an Indiana mall ejected a pair of grandparents for snapping a photo of their five-year-old grandson.

Don Oberloh and his wife Debbie Cassella were sitting in a café at the University Park Mall in Mishawaka, planning to take the child to see Santa Claus.

Oberloh snapped the photo of his grandson who was visiting with his mother from California. The boy’s mother was in a store shopping.

A security guard approached them and told them they had to leave.

When they explained that they were there to see Santa Claus, the security guard threatened to have them physically removed. Another security guard stepped in to provide backup.

According to the Daily Mail, which picked up the story from WNDU:

He recalled: ‘I believe she said you can’t take pictures at the mall.

‘I thought she was joking and I said “I’m taking a picture of my grandson”, I’d understand if I was taking pictures of the architecture or the products in the stores and she became a little hostile.’

‘I asked to speak with a mall manager and she flashed a badge at me, and I didn’t see it, and asked ‘is this good enough?’ and I tried explaining things to her and she came back.’

Mr Oberloh said he apologised but the woman became belligerent at which point he asked to speak to the manager.

She added: ‘I told him I can’t just leave and then he said that he would remove me physically and then he called another security guard and that guy came over and then my daughter showed up and I said we were just here to take my grandson to see Santa and he said you can’t see Santa.’

Oberloh left with the child while Cassella waited for her daughter before leaving.

Mall officials said it is not official policy to remove shoppers for snapping photos but shoppers who do not follow orders to stop taking photos would be ejected.

So it all boils to the mood of the security guard that day on whether you’re allowed to take photos of your grandchild or not.

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