Rudy Bowen, Georgia Department of Transportation board chairman, was unable to come up with a believable excuse as to why he wasn’t attending a town hall meeting addressing concerns over controversial lanes meant to reduce traffic in the Atlanta area.

So Bowen did what any public official would do when put on the spot by a television news crew.

He reached his hand out in an attempt to cover the camera lens, telling the videographer to “turn it off, turn it off, turn it off.”

The result is pure comedy for the rest of us who don’t have to deal with Atlanta traffic.

But for those residents who do have to suffer in traffic while high occupancy lanes remain mostly vacant, it was “another slap in the face,” as one resident put it.

According to CBS Atlanta:

Bowen and Golden both said they had not been invited to the town hall meeting.

“That’s an absolute lie,” said Howard, who told CBS Atlanta his organization invited all state transportation leaders and the governor.

Critics of the High Occupancy Toll lanes said few drivers use the lanes and that has caused more traffic congestion in the non-toll lanes.


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