Cop Block co-founder Adam “Ademo Freeman” Mueller was indicted Thursday on three counts of felony wiretapping stemming from phone conversations he recorded with police and public school officials in New Hampshire last October.

If convicted, the 29-year-old can serve up to 20 years in prison.

Unfortunately, Mueller did not notify public officials that he was recording, as he normally does, which will make this case a little harder to beat.

However, his phone call to the Manchester Police Department was already being recorded by them, which might negate any argument of them having an expectation of privacy.

And, he argues, he identified himself as a reporter from Cop Block when he called the school, which he believes should also negate the expectation of privacy argument.

“I told them I was seeking comment,” he said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime this morning.

“They knew it was on the record.”

“And what part of her job is private?,” he asked, referring to the school principal.

“What part of her job don’t we get to know about?”

The New Hampshire wiretapping law makes it a crime to record phone conversations without the other person’s consent.

The charges stem from an incident involving a student at West High School in Manchester where he recorded a cop beating up another student.

Cop Block broke the story, which ended up getting national press, causing huge embarrassment for police and school officials.

“This is a head hunt against those who are trying to hold them accountable,” he said.

A new law will go into effect in New Hampshire next year that makes it legal to record public officials, especially police officers, while on duty.

It’s always been legal but it’s never been so explicitly stated until this law.

But even the new law states that citizens “shall first give notification of the recording.”

Earlier this year, Mueller was found not guilty of wiretapping from an unrelated incident in Massachusetts.

Last year, Mueller and fellow Cop Block founder Pete Eyre came down to Miami during their Liberty Tour and we all hung out.

Mueller and I visited a Metrorail Station and were harassed by security guards for video recording; the same guards I have a pending lawsuit against.

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