It took more than two weeks, but we finally get to see the video of an Oakland police officer beating an Iraq war veteran with his nightstick, which left him with a lacerated spleen.

The video was obtained by The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom and shows Kayvan Sabehgi standing in front of a line of marching police officers dressed in riot gear.

The cops advance towards him and he walks backwards, but not fast enough.

One indistinguishable cop separates himself from the pack and orders him to move, but Sabehgi remains standing.

The cop then grabs his arm and starts beating him with a nightstick repeatedly.

The videographer, Neil Rivas, who yells at the cop to stop, said he was also confronted.

“I saw him being taken down to the ground and I tried to keep my camera focused on that as well, but they were pretty quick at setting up a barricade between myself and Kayvan at that point. I was shoved out of the way, and I had several guns pointed my way.

“I remember specifically one officer right in front of me having his gun pointed point blank at me.”

Sabehgi was charged with remaining at the scene of a riot and resisting arrest.

This is how he described the incident to The Guardian two weeks ago from his hospital bed:

“There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

“Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton.

Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.” Sabeghi, who left the army in 2007 and now part-owns a small bar-restaurant in El Cerrito, about 10 miles north of Oakland, said he was handcuffed and placed in a police van for three hours before being taken to jail.

By the time he got there he was in “unbelievable pain”. He said: “My stomach was really hurting, and it got worse to the point where I couldn’t stand up.

Sabehgi was the second Iraq war veteran turned demonstrator to be seriously injured by Oakland police.

The first veteran, Scott Olsen, was critically injured when he was struck in the head by a tear gas canister. Both have been released from the hospital.