Barbara Hijek of the South Florida Sun Sentinel is just so sarcastic and cutting and biting as she writes mocking stories for her FloriDUH column highlighting the idiocy of the state.

She is also so smug and condescending and, well, stupid.

She recently wrote about a pair of men who were arrested after video recording cops. At least that is how the incident began.

The original story in the Treasure Coast Palm is so convoluted that it’s impossible to tell exactly what happened that night.

But Hijek determined that the men were arrested because they decided to “cop watch.”

And in Hijek’s sheltered world, that is just such a bizarre concept that she must refer to it in quotations.

Here’s how she wrote the story:

It’s called “Cop Watching,” where people tape police officers as they make stops and arrests.

And, unless you want to risk a trip to jail, it’s probably not a good idea to cop watch.

Nowhere in her article does she inform readers that video recording cops is legal.

Instead, she refers readers to another example where cops arrested a man for video recording them.

Here’s another example of cop-watchers transformed into inmates.

Tarpon Springs: Police arrest college student for ‘Cop Watching’

Thanks to Hijek, we should now refer to her paper as the South FloriDUH Sun Sentinel.