It is not illegal to photograph cop cars, even if they are meant to be “covert.” And it’s not illegal to photograph a car’s license plate, even if it happens to be on this covert cop car.

That is why Cincinnati police had to accuse Lloyd Jordan of being drunk when they arrested him Tuesday night at the Occupy Cincinnati encampment.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Fifteen individuals were charged with criminal trespassing and police tacked resisting arrest charges on two of the protesters.

One individual, 36-year-old Lloyd Jordan, of Clifton, was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and obstructing official business after police officers said he took photographs of a covert police vehicle, including the license plate. His arrest sheet does not address why officers believed Jordan to be intoxicated.

I came across the incident early this morning when I read the following tweet:

@MMFlint #occupycincy citizen photographer harassed & arrested by police because he refused to give up his camera #anonymous #ows

If the cops didn’t want the car photographed, they should have kept it inside an enclosed garage.

And if Mr. Jordan happens to read this piece, please send me the picture you took so we can show the world just how “covert” this car looked when you photographed it.

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