I really wanted to give Oakland police officer Fred Shavies the benefit of the doubt.

I really wanted to believe that he was different than his fellow officers who have abused citizens with rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades in recent weeks.

I really wanted him to be a shining example of how police officers should interact with their community.

But perhaps I should have done a search on my own blog.

In 2009, the suspected Occupy Oakland infiltrator and former Washington State defensive end chased down a news videographer and knocked him against a car, breaking his viewfinder in the process.

The incident can be seen in the above video.

KGO-TV news videographer Douglas Laughlin filed a lawsuit against Shavies and fellow officers the following year, winning a $175,000 settlement.

The 2009 incident took place after four Oakland police officers were killed in the line of duty.

Laughlin had shown up to the hospital to get footage when Shavies and several other cops accosted him.

It was no doubt an extremely stressful moment for the officers, but that is still no excuse to attack a videographer who had every right to be at the scene with his camera.

You would think a freelance photographer would know better.

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