A journalism professor from Chicago says he was video recording police making an arrest Saturday night when the cops deleted his footage and threatened him with arrest.

Ralph Braseth, who teaches journalism at Loyola University, wasted no time in filing a complaint against the officers, which he sent to Jonathan Turley, who posted about the incident on his blog this morning.

Braseth was producing a documentary on African American teenagers from the Southside that gather on Michigan Avenue on Saturday nights. He was shooting an arrest on Saturday, November 12, 2011 when he says officers spotted him and took him to their cruiser. They allegedly asked for his camera and erased the arrest footage and “told me I was lucky I wasn’t going to jail and let me go.”

Considering the incident took place in Illinois, he is indeed lucky they didn’t put him in jail and charge with felony wiretapping. Perhaps his footage did not contain any audio.

Regardless if it did or not, they had no right to delete his footage.

But when you cops investigating cops, especially in Chicago, you already know his complaint is going nowhere.

I hope he had enough sense to attempt to recover the deleted files.

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