When Felecia Anderson saw Atlanta police officers drag her neighbor out of his house in handcuffs, then kick him while he was down on the ground, she began taking photos.

The officers threatened to arrest her if she did not stop, so she began walking back into her house.

But one of the officers chased her down, demanding she hand over the camera.

Officer Jeffrey Branum ended up taking her camera and deleting her images. He then arrested her on charges of having no driver’s license, walking in a roadway and disorderly conduct.

Even though that all took place in 2009, charges against her are still pending.

However, last week she filed a federal lawsuit against the Atlanta Police Department, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Branum was part of the department’s controversial Red Dog unit – “the squad known for its fatigues and in-your-face tactics” – which has since been disbanded after numerous complaints of Constitutional violations.