A Virginia photojournalist was arrested early this morning while documenting a police crackdown on Occupy Richmond protesters.

Ian Graham, who was shooting for RVA Magazine, was arrested on charges on trespassing for crossing a public street outside Kanawa Plaza where protesters had been camping out since October 15.

That should get laughed out of court.

But, of course, it doesn’t matter to police if the charges stick or not because they were able to prevent him from documenting their actions.

I was there to photograph the police dissemble the occupation, and therefore what many call the trampling of the first and possibly second amendments. The people assembled in a (literal) public square, were paid lip service to by local authorities, and on the last morning of October, the local police were forced into thuggery by an order from on high. Again, I was not at Kanawa Plaza to make a political statement, I wanted to take some pictures… and instead, I got arrested for crossing the fucking street. The official charge is of trespassing. There were people on both sides of the crosswalk where I was arrested, and none of them were arrested. But none of them had cameras, either.

Police arrested nine people altogether on trespassing charges, according to CBS 6 News.

Even though the above news report insinuated that Graham was part of the movement, he clarified on Twitter that he was only there to do his job.

2 things I want to make clear: I do not speak for the #rva occupation, and I believe my arrest was motivated by my camera.

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