Once again, a police officer was caught on video abusing his power.

This time, the incident took place in Utah when a Roosevelt police officer used pepper spray on a group of Polynesians who were performing a traditional dance after a high school football game last Thursday.

The dancers were congregating near an exit, which incidentally was blocking the area for the football players to leave the field.

The cop has ordered them to “make a hole,” but his orders were drowned out by the chanting dancers.

So he had no choice but to pull out his pepper spray to disperse the group, which ended up blinding several spectators who were not part of the dance.

The dancers had traveled from Salt Lake City to Roosevelt, a town of 8,000 about 125 miles away, to watch a relative play in the game.

The began performing their traditional dance, called the Haka, to boost morale for their relative’s school, Union High School, which had just ended the season without a single victory.

According to the Associated Press:

Spectators, coaches and players told police that everything was fine and they should let the men perform,

Jessica Rasmussen said, but officers asked them to make room and started using pepper spray. Rasmussen said she and other bystanders also got spray in their eyes, ears and mouths.

Union fan Jason Kelly said the way police reacted was an embarrassment to the community of Roosevelt.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Kelly said. “It was totally unprovoked.”