Another video has emerged from last night’s Occupy Wall Street protests showing cops on scooters squaring off with a rowdy crowd of protesters.

At :35 in the video, one of the cops drives his scooter forward into one of the protesters, sending him sprawling back.

This causes the crowd to get even more raucous with at least one protester hurling something towards the cop, which bounces off the windshield of his scooter.

Police actually looked scared of the potential mob violence that could have incurred.

At 1:35 in the video, another cop seems to have an issue with someone with a camera – even though everybody has a camera. He ends up ramming his baton into another protester before dashing off.

Below is another video uploaded to the same Youtube account, which shows more baton-swinging cops telling people to get off the sidewalk. Yes, the sidewalk.

The above video is the first I’ve seen to that shows protesters willing to fight back, which could lead to even a further increase in police aggression.

But considering everybody has a camera, both sides need to be extremely careful not to be the ones to spark the aggression. Because that can change public opinion in seconds.