Los Angeles police homicide detective Sal LaBarbera is receiving criticism and praise for the pictures of dead people he posts on his Twitter feed.

So much that he’s even received international news coverage for his habit of uploading photos of bodies that have seen the wrong end of a murder weapon.

His critics say he is violating the privacy of the victims although I haven’t seen one that wasn’t covered in a sheet.

His supporters say he is simply exposing the truth as to what he does.


He says he is doing no different than what the media would do.

LaBarbera seems to possess the narcissistic trait that affects many of us in social media where we feel compelled to tell our friends what we’re eating, drinking or photographing at any given moment of the day.

Judging from his photos, he likes beer, pasta, cake, cats and the Yankees.


I get a good impression from him. He strikes me as an honest cop. And maybe the photos are just his way of dealing with the stress of seing another body.

I like the fact that he’s reaching out to the community in his own way, which ultimately will break down the barriers between citizens and cops.

And I’m thinking he would probably be one of those cops who wouldn’t arrest you for photographing him in public.

But if he was, that would be an ironic story for this blog.

UPDATE: I sent LaBarbera a tweet asking him how he feels about citizens taking photos of cops in public and he responded with the following in a direct message:

Sir. Citizens take photos and videos of police officers all the time. We are in public and public servants we have no issue with that.