Police in Georgia are under investigation after grabbing a man’s genitals, then tasing and choking him when he tried to pull the cop’s hand away from his genitals.

The only reason the incident is even under investigation is because it was caught on a dash cam video.

Otherwise, it would have been written off as another “suspect resisted arrest, so he needed to be restrained” incident.

According to WSB-TV, a pair of Powder Springs police pulled Brice Wilson over earlier this year because his license plate light was out.

One of the cops said he smelled marijuana, so he demanded Wilson hand it over.

Wilson denied having weed, so he was pulled out of the car and frisked.

That was when the cop grabbed his genitals.

Brice’s attorney claims the cops deliberately grabbed his genitals, so they could get a reaction out of him, then have an excuse to torture him.

He was charged with resisting arrest. They never did find marijuana on him.