It’s become so common to see videos of police officers pouncing on non-resistant citizens while ordering them to stop resisting that I couldn’t help post this video that shows the complete opposite.

A group of teen girls had jumped the turnstiles in a New York City subway station, only to get confronted by NYPD who ordered them out.

The girls decided they were not going anywhere and put up one hell of a fight.

One girl swings her bag and smacks the cop in the face at 1:46 in the video, ensuring her a future felony charge.

It becomes pure pandemonium as Gothamist and Animal New York describe it.

Eventually, a swarm of undercover cops come in and take control of the situation.

The video, shot by a man named Frank Harts, once again proves the importance of being able to freely record in public.

This is strangely a case of police officers not being aggressive enough. I would have probably body slammed those bitches.

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