A Canon commercial that apparently aired in Thailand demonstrates that the surest way to a woman’s heart is to stalk her every move with a series of Canon cameras.

Although our lovestruck protagonist doesn’t appear to be breaking any laws as he hides behind bookshelves and art canvases with camera in tow, sneakingly documenting her as she goes about her day, his behavior would probably lead to a restraining order against him in the United States.

He starts off with a point and shoot, then works his way up to an SLR and eventually a camcorder – never once investing in a telephoto lens like an American stalker would do – yet never once mustering the courage to say hello to his muse.

He finally gets brave enough to leave an invitation on her locker, which she accepts.

And that is when he shows her the shrine he has built in her honor, complete with photos and videos of all the footage he has collected of her.

The commercial ends seconds before she flees the room in horror.

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