With more than 10,000 people joining the Occupy Wall Street protests on its 19th day – the largest crowds yet –  police used pepper spray and batons on activists while making hordes of arrests.

The above video shows a white-shirted supervisor cop beating back protesters with a baton.

The video below comes from Luke Rudkowski, a New York independent journalist who said he was pepper sprayed and knocked down.

Even Fox News reporters were getting attacked by cops.

Patrick Bruner, spokesman for the Occupy Wall Street movement just reported that at least 20 people were arrested, but that number is expected to climb.

The escalation in protesters is a result of several unions joining the movement, which has prompted some activists to accuse them of trying to hijack the movement.

But the unions are just part of the multitude of groups participating in the movement, which range from anarchists, liberals, libertarians and even a few tea party members.

One of the goals for the movement is to recruit non-supervisorial blue-uniformed police officers, who are said to be much more supportive of the protesters than their white-shirted supervisors.

But we all know working class police officers are sworn to protect the interests of the corporate masters these activists are rallying about.

I find the whole thing very fascinating and I’m tempted to fly up to New York to do my own reporting.

Right now, the biggest obstacle against the protesters who are camped out in a park is probably the approaching winter.

Where do you all stand on this? How long do you think this will last?

Below is a clip that shows a blue-shirted cop bragging that “my little nightstick is going to get a workout tonight.”

And below that is video footage from the Occupation Seattle protest showing confrontations between police and activists who are camping out in a public park.