Philadelphia police didn’t exactly tell Coulter Loeb he couldn’t take photos.

They just told him he couldn’t take photos anywhere near them.

When he continued taking photos, they arrested him.

The University of Cincinnati journalism student responded by penning an open letter to the arresting officer.

The furthest through this I can get by myself is to plead no contest to your charges and find a way to pay the fine before I return to school in my home state of Ohio. I really wont have the chance to present my case as to why I am not guilty of the charges before I leave. By myself, I cant get much done.

Despite his leeriness, his case was dismissed on August 22.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News:

Loeb, 23, a senior and a photographer at the university’s student paper, was staying with a friend on Bainbridge Street near 22nd when he decided to take pictures in the square.

According to a police report, it was about 1 p.m. and police were conducting pedestrian investigations at the park when Loeb approached the officer and the woman, later identified as Sydni. Loeb asked Sydni if he could take her picture, the report says.

Loeb said he was trailing at least 20 feet behind the pair when the cop ordered him to walk in another direction. Loeb told the Daily News that he refused the order.

“As this was interfering with the police actions, police stated to defendant that he may take all of the pictures he wanted but he must leave the immediate area,” the report continued.

Loeb had been visiting a friend in Philadelphia when he started photographing cops removing a homeless woman from a park.

He is now talking to the ACLU about filing a lawsuit against the police department.