A man who was standing on a public street in New York City, video recording passengers stepping onto a bus in Chinatown, was confronted by the bus operators who would not allow him to leave until police arrived.

Fortunately, the responding NYPD officer knew the law when it comes to photography.

“You have no reason to call police, you have no reason to stop and hold him,” the officer told the bus operators, one who rolled his eyes.

Perhaps they were expecting something out of Communist China.

The videographer is Robert K. Chin, who operates A Journey Through Chinatown where he documents life in Chinatown.

It’s a little infuriating to see the bus operators surround him, telling him they were calling police because he was shooting video – all while one of them is holding a cell phone camera in his face.

But it’s even more infuriating when some blowhard who works for the bus company wearing an entry level Canon DSLR around his neck, accuses Chin of not being a real photographer because he is carrying a Canon Elph.

“What kind of photographer are you using a cheap camera like that?” he asks.

One who knows how to stand up for his rights, which is more than I can say for that asshole.