Suffolk County police said they will not only clear videographer Phil Datz of obstruction charges, they will require all their officers to go through “refresher training on the interaction with the news media.”

Hopefully, that training will also inform officers that they have to allow non-media citizens from recording them in public as well.

After all, if that is how a sergeant treats a news videographer with press credentials, you can imagine how he would treat someone without credentials.

The incident took place on Saturday and the video quickly became viral. Once again, Mickey Osterreicher, the attorney for the National Press Photographers Association, fired off a letter to the police department.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said he was working to “have the arrest nullified.”

As usual, police did not release the name of the sergeant nor did they say they will discipline him for his obvious unlawful arrest.

But maybe he finally learned something in his 30-year career.