A member of the popular news aggregator site Reddit was ordered to delete a photo off his phone or be subjected to arrest.

The man goes by citycat23 on Reddit. It is not immediately known where he lives.

He said all he was trying to do was take a picture of an overweight, lazy lifeguard overseeing a bunch of kids to post on Reddit when he was confronted by a cop.

He said he knew his rights were being violated but just went along with it.

I deleted the picture, and walked away. As I walked, I felt pretty spineless. I know I didn’t have to delete it. I didn’t like what I was accused of, but after hearing so many stories of shit like this going south, I really didn’t want to be center stage on the next story of “cop abuses power” on reddit.

This is at least the third incident in recent weeks where police, parents and security guards overreacted to a photographer near kids in public, including a man who was labeled suspicious for photographing his own grandson.

This is how it went down after citycat23 snapped the photo.

Cop: Do you really think it is OKAY to take pictures of little kids in their bikinis?

Me: I’m sorry, what? (I really didn’t know what the hell was going on)

Cop: Why were you taking pictures of little kids in their swim suits?

Me: Oh no, total misunderstanding. I saw the lifeguard who, for one – looks like he can’t swim, and two- is clearly not doing his job. And I thought it was both funny, and also something that should probably be directed to the pool’s manager.

Cop: No sir. He is doing his job. I want to know what you were doing.

Then he asks Reddit readers “what would you have done?’

I would have started recording from my iPhone or Flip as soon as I was confronted.

What would you have done?