The cop who feared Joey Boots’ camera was a weapon didn’t even bother showing up to court Wednesday.

The judge quickly dropped the case, paving the way for Boots to explore possible legal remedies.

Boots was cited after videotaping an armed soldier at a New York City subway station last May.

The video provocateur was detained and cited for interfering with traffic, only after they couldn’t find a law in the books that bans the videotaping of armed soldiers.

In the above video, an MTA cop calls him a “creep” and accuses him of “harassing” the soldiers, even though the army veteran was just videotaping them for a respectable distance inside Penn Station.

The same cop insists he keep his camera inside his pocket because it could be a weapon.

The cops didn’t show up to court today, which is unfortunate because it would have been interesting hearing that one cop explain to the judge why he would allow a possibly armed suspect to keep his weapon in his pocket.

This is how Boots described it on his Facebook page.

Cop didn’t have to be there today but my attorney approached the bench and spoke with the judge and the judge determined on the spot no crime was committed and the charge was dismissed

Boots, who regularly posts videos of street life in New York City, began drawing a large following since his hilarous video of a teenage ballerina in Times Square last year.

He was accused of being a pervert, but he is actually gay, even though he still acknowledges being a pervert, just not for that teenage girl.

Boots, who was a regular on the Howard Stern Show, is also  known for disrupting live television news casts by yelling “baba booey baba booey, Howard Stern’s penis” as he did last month during coverage of the gay marriage issue in New York City.