The amusements parks in Coney Island have long been a favorite for photographers.

But now that Astroland has been purchased by an Italian company named Zamperla, it has forbidden photography, according to a photographer.

However, as Gothamist points out, the company is leasing the land from the City of New York.

Harold Kramer posted his story on a Coney Island message board.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was taking pictures and minding my own B I business when this dude wearing a white shirt polo with a corporate Zamperla logo and khaki shorts, sporting a walkie talkie over his shoulder, comes up to me as I’m trying to take a photo of the Steeplechase coaster. What I was trying to do was capture those horses just at moment they take off.  

So this dude asks me if I have any relatives on this ride. I tell him no. Then he asks why I am taking so many pictures. I say I love Coney Island, that I have a history here, that my family used to own the Thunderbolt. None of this registered with him. I doubt this dude even knew what the Thunderbolt was.

 Anyway, he tells me that I can’t take pictures in the park unless I have permission. Really? I grab my last shot, tell him ok, and exit Scream Zone.

This is new. Now we need permission to take pictures in a Zamperla park? Coney Island is one of the most picturesque places in NYC. People come from all over snapping pictures of the rides and people. Have been doing this for over a century.

Now we need permission from the corporation? In pure Brooklynese  “fugedaboutit!” “Get the f#*k outta here. 

In 2008, a New York City police officer intimidated photographer Simon Lund into destroying his film after he photographed children on Coney Island.