Two men were openly carrying firearms in a Southern California strip shopping mall when they were detained by police and handcuffed.

One of the men managed to videotape the incident, except for a portion when one of the officers turned his camera off.

However, the man managed to turn the camera back on and the officer made no further attempt to stop him from recording.

It is legal to open carry firearms in California as long as the guns are not loaded and the carrier abides by other restrictions, according to this site.

The officers detained them while they checked the serial numbers on their weapons and for possible warrants on the men.

The men were eventually released with their weapons.

The incident took place in Upland, which is just east of Los Angeles County.

The two videos were uploaded Wednesday, July 13 (yesterday) although it does not state when the incident took place. Part one of the video is above. Part two is below.

The men were clearly testing the system and one of them kept complaining about his rights being violated.

Upland Police Officer Duran maintained a professional demeanor except for that brief moment when he turned the camera off.

But he didn’t do anything once the camera was turned back on, even though the man kept taunting him about putting him on Youtube.

The officers told the men that there had been a string of armed robberies in the shopping center, which was why they had to be detained.

I know the open carry advocates are extremely passionate about their rights, but I can also understand police can be spooked by people carrying guns.

I’m a gun owner, but I don’t believe I have to flaunt it everywhere I go, not that my state would even allow it.

It’s bad enough I get harassed for carrying cameras. I can imagine the issues I will have by openly carrying my guns.

But if the law states that people are allowed to open carry guns, then it should also state how police are expected to deal with these situations.

Maybe it does. I haven’t really looked into it.

Earlier this year, a Philadelphia man was detained for openly carrying a weapon, even though he was allowed to do so. He was arrested for uploading a recording of the incident. He was set to go on trial this month although I haven’t heard any updates on the case.

Where do you stand on the open carry issue?