A year after a European Court ruled that the United Kingdom was not allowed to harass photographers under an absurd anti-terrorism law, a group of London photographers took to the streets last month to see what would happen.

The experiment, called Stand Your Ground, consisted of six still photographers accompanied by six videographers.

The pairs went their separate ways with the still photographers photographing buildings from public sidewalks while the videographers stood by to capture any confrontations.

According to Amateur Photographer:

All the photographers were stopped on at least one occasion.

During the video, security guards are repeatedly reminded about the law regarding photographing in public places.

No one was arrested and, afterwards, the attitude of City of London police officers came in for praise.

The video is highly entertaining and shows London security guards are just as ignorant as many we encounter in the United States.

But the cops who were called to the scene proved to be knowledgeable about the current laws, even though it was just over a year ago they were instructed to arrest photographers under the controversial Section 44 anti-terrorism law – which could have landed photographers in prison for ten years.

While we’ve never had any such law in the United States, it sometimes seems as we do, judging by the reaction of some police officers we see on an almost daily basis.