It took police nearly ten minutes to arrest a man for “swearing in a park,” even though that is considered free speech, according to a couple of fairly recent court cases.

The incident occurred in Hidden Beach in Minneapolis, which was once a renowned nude beach and is still is known for it’s laid-back and unpretentious party atmosphere.

However, park police apparently do not tolerate swearing, which prompted them to attempt to arrest the man in the above video.

The foul-mouthed man did not want to be arrested, so he grabbed his cooler and attempted to walk away with a pair of cops blocking his path.

At one point, the two cops wrestled the man to the ground, but the man still managed to get back on his feet and attempt to walk away.

So after more cops are called to the scene, three cops manage to control him.

Meanwhile, a woman is arrested on unknown charges and the man holding the camera annoying keeps reminding the cops that they’re going to end up on Facebook and Youtube, while holding the camera in the vertical position (you need to hold the phone sideways for horizontal videos with no black lines).

It’s a pretty surreal video and looks like something you would see on Reno 911.