A Toronto police officer was in fear of his life when he snatched a woman’s camera, thinking it was a weapon “disguised as a camera.”

In the process of trying to determine if it was not a gun, Yevgen Kravchenko “accidentally” deleted a video.

The video, it turns out, was of him dragging a woman from an abortion clinic.

The woman he dragged out had gone inside the clinic to harass other woman from getting an abortion (or if you believe police, was physically blocking the entrance, preventing women from entering).

According to Life Site News (an anti-abortion site):

Alissa Golob of Campaign Life Coalition had filmed the arrest of pro-life witness Mary Wagner at the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic on December 23, 2010, after Wagner entered the facility to encourage women to keep their babies.

Golob had tried to convince the officers not to become complicit in abortion by carrying out the arrest, but she says one of them became angry, refused to identify himself, and afterwards temporarily seized her camera.

The report, obtained by LifeSiteNews, says Kravchenko told the investigators that “he took the camera and examined it to ensure that it was a camera and not a weapon disguised as a camera.”

“While viewing the video he pressed some buttons and accidentally deleted the footage without any intention to do so,” the report adds, noting that he “was not familiar with that model.”

Golob filed a complaint against the officer in February. And after a five-month investigation, police told her that Kravchenko committed “misconduct” but not “discreditable conduct.”

But no matter where you stand on the abortion issue, it is obvious Kravchenko has lost all credibility as an officer.

P.S. The camera in the above photo is not the camera in question, just something from Tech Blog I’ve been dying to post.