Here’s a video of a conversation between a citizen bicyclist and a police officer on a bicycle in England.

The officer has stopped the cyclist for apparently running a red light. The cyclist is videotaping the officer. The cop wants to give the cyclist a citation but the cyclist says he won’t accept the citation.

At 3:48 into the video, the officer orders him to turn off the camera, but the cyclist refuses.

And the officer doesn’t make an issue about it at the time.

The cyclist keeps asking the cop what law did he break, but the cop is unable to tell him.

Finally, at 5:10, the cop reaches out and grabs the camera, but the cyclist pulls away. And then rides away, as he explains with written narration after the clip ends.

The cop didn’t bother to chase him.

Now imagine this altecation taking place in say, New York City. What do you think would have happened?