A New York City photographer who is pissed off at a store owner who forced her to delete images she took from outside the store is trying to get photographers to return to to the store to photograph it.

 Obviously, she is expecting others to do the dirty work for her, if standing up for basic photographer rights is considerd dirty work.

The story was posted on Live Journal by  a friend of the photographer, so we really have no idea who this person is.

But it was passed to me by a Photography is Not a Crime reader, so I figured I would pass it along to hear what you guys think.

Here is the story verbatim:

I had an incident yesterday where I was taking a picture of a mannequin in a storefront window just west of 30th and Broadway. The store owner came flying at me like a puma, grabbed my arm insisting I erase the photo screaming in my face “I know my rights, I know my rights!” (which clearly, she does not). I proceeded to walk away and she followed me, putting her body against me and screaming in my face. I should have called the cops but I really just wanted this violent person out of my face and off my body so I erased the picture, we screamed at each other a bit more and it ended.

I called the cops to file an incident report today and they said it’s just a little too late for them to do anything. So in lieu of being pointlessly pissed, I thought I’d reach out to my shutterbug friends and encourage them to please visit the storefront when in midtown and take pictures of the weird looking mannequins and assorted random merchandise on public display in the store window.

The store is unmarked, but it is on the south side of 30th Street, 2-4 stores west of the southwest corner of 30th and Broadway, with 3 cock-eyed mannequins (blue down-turned eyes) in brown wigs in the window, and whatever else fell off the truck that day. If you’re in the neighborhood, please take a few shots of the storefront window to further the owner’s understanding of photographer’s rights, so she doesn’t accost anyone else innocently taking pictures on a lovely day, in violation of nothing.

This is how I would have responded. But I’m kind of asshole about these things.